Central Park Business Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia


Central Park Business Centre, in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers their customers a prestigious address as well as administrative and telephone answering services. Central Park was looking for competitive advantages over other area business centres and ways to generate new revenue streams. Their existing Vancouver phone system needed to be upgraded with a system which could deliver on demand functionality and superior flexibility, something not inherent with typical “out of the box” PBX systems. A key ingredient in the solution would be the in house control over the system in order to address client moves, adds and changes. Central Park also looked to upgrade the capabilities of the central answering position and offer enhanced answering information to the desktop.


After a diligent process of examining various systems on the market and weighing all the benefits, Central Park employed Core Telecom Innovations Inc. to implement their P-Series PBX. The highly flexible and scalable system would now allow Central Park the ability to offer their new and existing clients a truly unique experience with such features as voicemail to email, find me follow me, remote extensions and call conferencing. A graphical user interface, tailored to the business centre market was developed by Core Telecom Innovations Inc. to help administer the day to day moves, adds, and changes without incurring costly interconnect fees. One of the most crucial positions in the centre was the first line of contact or the central answering position. This position is the face of every client within the centre and need to be handled in various different manners. Through integration with the Evo answering software, Core was able to deliver a highly functional, point and click answering solution aimed at providing a rich set of information to the fingertips. The answering software helped to streamline the position and offer many efficiencies with such flexibility as multiple answering positions from multiple locations within the centre and also remotely.


Central Park business centre’s choice to employ Core Telecom Innovations Inc. has created new revenue opportunities within and outside of the business centre. New offerings and virtual capabilities also have given a more compelling telecom offering then the competition. Office staff have now become more efficient at answering their clients calls and have broken free of the numerous amounts have handwritten notes they were required to take daily. Possibilities now exist to be able to dictate where the central answering takes place as it can now happen anywhere across the network, which means the operation is not solely dependant upon one person. The graphical user interface puts all the control back into the business centre hands, from entering crucial client information to costly system information changes. The system has now positioned the business for the future with unmatched possibilities and scalability and offers an attractive feature set for their clients.


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