Robinson Solutions, Markham, Ontario


Robinson Solutions is a rapidly-growing business that offers manufacturing and facility support services as well as building automation, fire alarm, and security systems to large-scale corporations. Their existing PBX system wasn't able to provide the features, functionalities, or degree of integration needed to support their growth. Robinson Solutions needed a reliable system that offered complex after-hours capabilities, a mobile solution for technical and sales staff working out of customer locations, and an internal, mobile solution for central answering. Due to the number of Robinson Solutions locations across North America, an efficient answer to costly conference calls was also desired.


Core Telecom Innovations Inc. installed the Keynote50 PBX system, which can deliver the feature set and scalability to suit Robinson Solutions' growing business. To support their emergency services, Core Telecom Innovations Inc. deployed an agile system to allow staff to dictate after-hours call flow through an interactive menu. The always-connected feature allowed user-configurable voice message notification and voicemail-to-email capabilities to create redundant call processes for emergency calls. In-house, password protected conference rooms were set up to host company-wide conference calls. A Keynote50 development system was also implemented to help Robinson Solutions integrate the PBX system with existing data infrastructure and provide greater potential for call automation. The central answering position was given a mobile solution and overflow queues to create an efficient, always-answered, front end to the business..


In addition to fulfilling their routine business needs, Robinson Solutions' new PBX system also serves as a testing ground to develop innovative new ways to meet their customers' needs. The mobility functions have provided staff with more freedom inside and outside of the office, as well as the confidence and control of having their calls and messages delivered to multiple external numbers of their choosing. Overflow queues deliver incoming calls appropriately and without fail. Given these improvements, Robinson Solutions can move forward with their expansion plans without worrying about their telecom keeping up.


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