Core Telecom RACS™ Redundancy delivers Five-Nines (99.999%) Availability
Business Continuity is critical for most companies in their communications infrastructure. Prior to Core Telecom's RACS™, the cost of obtaining this capability has been financially prohibitive. Core Telecom has overcome the complexity and costly nature of this feature with RACS™ High Availability. Our Redundant Array of Commodity Servers can help you achieve better than Five-Nines availability. What does that mean? Upon a disruption of the Primary server, your completely redundant secondary server restores complete functionality in less than 10 seconds. RACS™ will even handle switching your analog or PRI service over to the standby service, with no manual intervention or external hardware required.
Whether you are a large enterprise or small and growing business, high availability in your PBX is now within your reach. Call us for an assessment; let us help plan your redundant telecom infrastructure.

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