Business Centre Phone System Solutions

Does your Executive Business Center require a new phone system? Would you like to generate more virtual revenue, and be able to offer your clients advanced functionality? Our telephony solution, ClearNote BCE, was desigined specifically to address the telecommunications needs of a modern Office Business Center. ClearNote BCE allows you to offer a wide range of new services to your clientele, while cutting costs and streamlining the administration of your telecommunications infrastructure. Let us help you differentiate your center from the competition, while saving money. Let us transform your business with the enhanced functionality that ClearNote BCE delivers..

Revenue Generation

  • Find Me, Follow Me allows business people to be continuously "connected" to the office when required.
  • Remote Conferencing capabilities -password protected conference rooms offer an all connected feature generally only available through costly carrier offerings
  • Voicemail to E-Mail allows traveling business professionals the ability to receive a voicemail message as an e-mail.
  • Call Recording provides a means by which calls can be recorded and stored. This feature can be applied in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of the user.
  • Unlimited Auto Attendant and Voicemail system allows each client to essentially have their own custom voicemail answering service and mailboxes, with the ability to dial outbound from those menus
  • Off Site Clients at home with an IP phone and a router can now be monitored, transferred calls, voicemails or e-mails with the VoIP capabilities of the Core Telecom system

Business Case For Virtual Clients

Service Existing Customers New Virtual Customers
  • $20/mo Find Me/Follow Me
  • 50 subscribers ($1,000/mo.)
  • 25 subscribers ($500/mo.)
  • $10/mo Voice to E-mail
  • 25 subscribers ($250/mo.)
  • 25 subscribers ($250/mo.)
  • $10/mo Remote Conferencing
  • 30 subscribers ($300/mo.)
  • 25 subscribers ($250/mo.)
  • $50.00/mo. Remote Package includes Phone and VPN Router
  • 20 subscribers ($1,000/mo.)
Total $1,050/mo. $1,750/mo

This is a typical revenue generation model for the average sized business centre. Call us for your free Business Case consultation @ 1-877-CORETEL

Incoming Call Management

Evo Technologies call answering software, fully compatible with our Sip based soft switch is a feature-rich and cost effective application, designed exclusively for operator positions in the executive suites industry. Designed with business center staff members, managers and owners, Contact is advanced enough for the busiest reception desk and intuitive enough for a temp's first day on the job.

  • Multiple Site Management - If a receptionist is out for lunch or not available at one location, all calls can be identified, answered and managed from another location. Link multiple locations with out of the box Network Attendant Service and CDP functionality.
  • Incoming calls can be answered, transferred and placed on hold in a user-friendly Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Virtually any data source can be utilized with built in ODBC technology eliminating the need for redundant data entry.
  • A feature rich user interface ensures your operator staff is able work smarter and faster.

PBX Administration

Our ClearNote administration software lets you easily make changes to your clients information, allowing for easy administration of your system. Traditionally all moves adds and changes have been chargeable by your PBX provider, now those changes can be made in house, decreasing the cost of doing business. ClearNote allows you to manage:
  • call routing
  • new clients administration
  • changes to existing clients
  • adding new services
  • adding new DID's
  • view detailed call activity for billing purposes
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Our offering can provide you with four areas of improvement:

  1. Improve revenue opportunities through advanced virtual packages
  2. Reduce costs through our ClearNote Business Centre Edition software, a self administration software package
  3. Potentially decrease costs by reducing receptionist redundancy, we can have receptionists at one location answering for all 3 of your locations
  4. Provide additional services to your clients helping them improve their communication
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